Royal White Musk

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Attar is an all-Natural Essential oil. Some Fragrances are intense, and Others are less so, Hence, a Little Dab goes a Long Way. It may be used to Scent Natural Lotion or Body Oil, or for Making Incense or Natural Perfumes, and of Course to use as is.

Royal White Musk, is in a class of its own, has a Clean, Modest, Reserved Scent, barely There! This White Musk Oil Brings Class with the Softest and Most Humble Ways, the scent is Passive and Reserved, Making it Perfect for Anyone with Calm Personality and Gentle Nature. A Great Choice for people working in Close Space and do not Want the Scent to Disturb Others who are not used To Arabian Scents. It gives the Wearer an Aura of Natural Smelling Clean Musk that is Perfect for any Professional or Formal Occasions, and Specifically for Women.

          Key Features:

          • Fragrance Type: Halal Attar
          • Suitable for: Unisex
          • Size: 6 ML
          • Packaging: Small Gift Box
          • Imported: Made in UAE