About US

At Boutique Al Firdaws, we want the right choice to be as easy the breath you take. That’s why we use our Decades of Experience in the Fashion Industry to Help our Committee and Our Customers by Offering free Fashion Advise and Wardrobe Completion when Called Upon.

Our specialty is Women Haute Couture, but we do not stop there! We have used our Years of Experience to include Men & Children Fashion to the Mix.

We travel the World to Acquire & Offer you the Latest and Unique Fashion for your Modest Family.

We partner up with the best, Wholesalers around the world. Source only the finest quality. And share those with you.

Again, we did not Stop there, while we are out there in the world, we Select Unique Gifts and Artisans. 

Again! We use our exclusive Sense of fashion and quality to bring you the best perfumes the Golf Region has to Offer for the Best Prices Ever. Why Spend $400 - $800 for a Bottle of Oud when you can get Some Similar for Fraction of that Price, the Only Difference is it does not have that Brand Name on the Bottle that we Pay for Dearly.

Go Ahead Try us out and let us Know What you Think!