King Rose Oud

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Attar is an all-Natural Essential oil. Some Fragrances are intense, and Others are less so, Hence, a Little Dab goes a Long Way. It may be used to Scent Natural Lotion or Body Oil, or for Making Incense or Natural Perfumes, and of Course to use as is.

King Rose Oud is an Elegant & Luxurious Natural Perfume Oil with Notes of Rose, Oud, Saffron and Guaiac Wood.

Oud or Oudh is by far one of the Most Expensive Raw Fragrance Ingredients in the World. Also Known as Agarwood, this Essential oil is Extracted from the Fungus-Infected Resinous Heartwood of the Agar Tree, which is Primarily Found in the Dense Forests of Southeast Asia, India, and Bangladesh. It is Either Extracted by Distillation from the Wood or by Melting the resin. Forbes Reported that it can Cost $5,000 per Pound, it is Sometimes Referred to as “Liquid Gold.”

This Exquisite Essential oil has many Applications that Range from Spiritual to Therapeutic. It is Often Associated with Harmony, Serenity of Spirituality When Applied Regularly.

The Scent is Strong, Musky, and Almost Animalistic in its Sensuality. Some people love it While Others find it Offensive. Oud is one of the Most Expensive Raw Scent Ingredients in the World.

In the Middle East, Both Men and Women burn Oud Wood Chips to Scent their Home and their Clothes, and Use Oud Oil Perfume for Scent, If you come to Like Oud you are in for a Treat and a Journey of the your Spiritual Mind. Enjoy!

          Key Features:

          • Fragrance Type: Halal Attar
          • Suitable for: Unisex
          • Size: 6 ML
          • Packaging: Small Gift Box
          • Imported: Made in UAE