Al Daffah Classic Thobe Colors

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The Experience Behind Al Daffah Thobe comes from the Islamic Values and Arabic traditions, we bring you the Al Daffah thobe – The best dress code as it shows modesty and royalty. We believe in delivering the finest quality men’s Thobes.

This thobe is made with high quality fabrics by an expert team of craftsman tailoring your thobe to perfection. When wearing an Al Daffah Thobe, it is an experience of quality and elegance of the highest standards.

Know Quality | Wear Daffah!

Thobe Size Guide: The Thobe length is measured in inches from the Shoulder and measure down to above the ankles or to the desired length you want.

A thobe Size 56 is 56 inches in length.

Kandura: Also known as Thawb, Thobe, or Dishdasha, the Kandura is an Ankle Length, Loose-Fitting Robe for Men, Usually White in Color. In Winter, the Kandura is Available in a Splash of Colors Mostly in Darker Shades. The Length of the Robe Represents the Status of the Person with the Wealthy and Royal seen in Longer Robes. Shorter Length Symbolizes Modesty and is Worn by the Remaining Arabs.

Kandura is an Islamic Traditional Attire Styled to be Worn During the Day, in the Night and for Religious Occasions. The Design of the Thobe has been Adapted to the Local Hot Weather and the Religious Life Style of the Region.